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Smash Mouth – Push chords

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BAND: Smash Mouth
ALBUM: Fush Yu Mang
TABBED BY: Unknown
CO-TABBED BY: smashguy37@yahoo.com

Tune half a step down (Eb, Ab, Db, Gb, Bb, Eb)

He starts playing a G5 chord with what sounds like a wah and he's using a "killswitch",
which is usually done by using a Gibson styled guitar (LP, SG, whatever) and turning off
one pickup and using the pup selector to make the choppy sound you hear.

Main progression:
A5  C5  Gii5  E5

A5 C5 Gii5Why don't you condone it
E5 A5Why don't you set me free
C5 Gii5I don't think you own it
E5 A5Cause it belongs to me
C5 Gii5 E5And if I ever want to take it back
A5 C5 Gii5You try to lie and hide it
E5 A5Look who laughing last
C5 Gii5 E5Everyone around me thinks they know
A5 C5 Gii5They try to see it
E5 A5But I don't let it show
C5Stay out of my business
Gii5 E5Keep your hands off my door
A5 C5 Gii5I've got a bed
E5 D5I'd rather sleep on the floor
E5Screaming in my head
F5 G5I don't like it anymore
E5 A5 G5No place to go
F5 G5Whoa-ohhhhoh
E5 A5 G5Leave me alone
F5 G5 Whoa-ohhhhoh
C5I don't want to know
VERSE 2: (SAME AS VERSE 1) Nobody ever seems to understand Every day I wake up And do the best that I can I've got my problems You've got yours too You try to label me Have you ever looked at you Nobody's perfect I really think you do And if you are why am I standing next to you CHORUS VERSE 3: I spin my wheels and try to figure it out What's going on And what's it all about Where did I go wrong I think I'm having my doubts About what you said And what you're going to do I'm so pissed off I blame it on you I've done it all There's nothing left for me to do What's going on Piss on you CHORUS
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