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Smash Mouth – Then The Morning Comes tab

name: Brian H.

artist: Smash Mouth

SongTitle: Then the Morning Comes

Tabs: Band: Smash Mouth
Song: Then the Morning Comes
CD: Astro Lounge
Transcribed By: Brian H.

Here goes another one of my weak attempts at trying to tab a song. If 
you want some real tabs that are all accurate, go to this site:

/ = Slide Up
\ = Slide Down

At the beginning, an alarm clock says Good Morning. Right before that, 
you here this:

Intro: (I think this might actually be a keyboard) Play it with a lot of distortion so you can get that buzzing sound.
Play the 1st segment 3 times, and then on the 4th time, play the 2nd segment. (You'll hear what I'm talking about.) Verse 2: (No guitar, just drums and bass, but after the word near, there's a little beep noise twice. It's on the high-e string, next to the B string, and it's fret number 22. Way up high.) Paint the town, take a bow thank everybody, you're gonna do it again. You are the feud, the proud, you are the antibody, mind, soul, and zen. And the world's a stage, and the world's a faze, and the end is near. So push rewind just in time thank everybody, you're gonna do it again. Chorus: (After he says "Walk," "Talk," and "Fling," you play this little riff:
The way that you walk, it's just the way that you talk, like it ain't no thing, and every single day is just a fling, then the morning comes. Now play the intro 1st segment part once, and then the 2nd part. Verse 2: Take your knock, shake 'em off, duck everybody, you're gonna take 'em again. You are your foe, your friend, you are the Povarazzi, you are the tragedy end. And the world's a stage, and the world's a faze. And the end is near. So push rewind just in time thank everybody, you're gonna take 'em again. Chorus: (Repeat as the same as the other one) Verse 3: And when it comes it moves so slow, kinda like it's sayin' I told you so. Lookin' back before she goes, tomorrow's gonna hurt. This is played after verse 3 several times:
This is played after that above:
Then play the chorus once more two end the song. There might be errors on the lyrics. Just email me with any questions, errors, comments, corrections, etc. Thank you. Enjoy!!!
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