Smashing Pumpkins - Blew Away tab

Chord Fingerings:
   G  A7sus4 Cadd2 Dsus2  Bm Am C
E| 3  0      0     0      2  0  0
B| 3  3      3     3      3  1  1
G| 0  0      0     2      4  2  0
D| 0  2      2     0      4  2  2
A| 2  0      3     x      2  0  3
E| 3  x      x     x      x  x  x

Fig1 (1st intro) Dsus2 Am Dsus2 Am C|--------------------------------------||--------------------------------------||----------------------7--7-9-7--11--9-||----------5-7--8--5-7-----------------||-5--5-7-5-----------------------------||--------------------------------------|
Fig1 cont. (with drums) G A7sus4 Cadd2 Dsus2|----------------------------10----------------------||-------------------------10-------------------------||-9-11-12--12-12-12-12-12--------9-7--------7-9-9-7--||------------------------------------5-7-7-9---------||----------------------------------------------------||----------------------------------------------------|
Fig1 cont. G A7sus4 Cadd2 Dsus2 |----------10--------10----------------17--17-15------||------------------10---10------17-15-----------------||-12-12-12---12-12--------12----------------------12--||-----------------------------------------------------||-----------------------------------------------------||-----------------------------------------------------|
Fig2 (2nd intro) Dsus2 A7sus4 Dsus2 A7sus4 Cadd2 |--------------------------------12-10--10-7-----------------------------------------||--------------10--8--7-8-7--8---12-10--10-7--7-8-7--10--8--7-8-7-----------8-10--8--||-7-9-11-12-11-------------7--------------------------------------7-9--7-9-----------||------------------------------------------------------------------------------------||------------------------------------------------------------------------------------||------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|
Fig3 (3rd intro) Dsus2 Am Dsus2 Am |---------------------------------------||---------------------------------------||----------------------7--7-9-7--12--14-||----------5-7--8--5-7------------------||-5--5-7-5------------------------------||---------------------------------------|
Fig4 (solo) Dsus2 A7sus4 Dsus2|--10---12---10-12-10-----15-14---15-14-------------------||-----10---10---------10-------15------15--10-10--10-8-7-8||---------------------------------------------------------||---------------------------------------------------------||---------------------------------------------------------||---------------------------------------------------------|
Cadd2 A7sus4 Dsus2|------------------------------------------------10--12--14--15--||-5-3---3--------------10---------------------10-----------------||-----4---------7-9-10----11-10-11--9--11--12--------------------||------------7-9-------------------------------------------------||----------9-----------------------------------------------------||----------------------------------------------------------------|
Fig1 G A7sus4 Cadd2 Dsus2 G Blew blew oo hoo away but I don't want a thing A7sus4 Cadd2 Dsus2 Blew blew oo hoo blew oo ooo G Bm Am C And if you love her you know it will come true G Bm Am C And if you need her you know that she'll be there G Bm Am C Stay awake I lie here with her and the phone G Bm Am C Dsus2 When I wake inside you I know you know that I've l Fig2 G A7sus4 Cadd2 Dsus2 G Blew blew oo hoo away, but I don't want a thing A7sus4 Cadd2 Dsus2 Blew blew ho ooo blew oo ooo G Bm Am C G And if you're sad too but until the angel sings and touches you Bm Am C Don't confuse my only life G Bm Am C I said blew oo ooo and please don't ever leave G Bm And I will grieve and remember thee Am C Dsus2 Hope to meet you there renewed Fig3 Fig4 (solo) G A7sus4 Cadd2 Dsus2 And I wanna let her know that I won't let her go G A7sus4 Cadd2 Dsus2 I I wanna let her know that I love you so G A7sus4 Cadd2 And blew blew blew oo hoo away Dsus2 But I don't wanna thing G A7sus4 Cadd2 Dsus2 G Blew hoo I love you blew oo ooo
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