Smashing Pumpkins - Blue tab

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Blue, from "Lull" (Rhinoceros EP) - Smashing Pumpkins

-Although the bass is drop D tuning, the guitars are regular tuned (I think).
Here's how I play it...

|-----3-------1-------3------- -----2-------0---------------------------------||-----3-------1-------5------- -----3-------1---------------------------------||-----4-------2-------5------- -----4-------0---------------------------------||-----5-------3-------5------- -----4-------2---------------------------------||-----5-------3-------3------- -----2-------3---------------------------------||-----3-------1--------------- -----------------------------------------------| <------Verse---------> <---"Chorus" ----------------------------------|
- The above is for rhythm guitar (James). Billy plays the following (I think):
|----------------------------- -----------------------------------------------||----------------------------- -----------------------------------------------||----------------------------- -----------------------------------------------||-----5b6b5---\3/10----------- ----------------------------(16)b14------------||----------------------------- ----5----7----9/10---12------------------------||-----3b4b3---\1/8------------ -----------------------------------------------| <-----Verse----------> <--------"Chorus"----------------------------|
- At the end of the 2nd chorus the chord is some wierd Am which looks like this: |---0----|
|---1----| (Am/D?) |---0----| |---2----| |---0----| |--------|
- Here's the slow part...
|---3-------------0------------- ----------------------------------------| |---0-(or 3)------1------------- ------------------------13--12----------|(pinky) |---4-------------2------------- ----------------------------------------| |---5-------------3------------- ---12----12-----10--10--10--10----------| |---5-------------3------------- ------14--------12--12--12--12----------| |---3-------------1-----(thumb)- ----------------------------------------| <-----James-------> <---------Billy--------------------|
- I could be wrong on a lot of things here, but this is how I play it and it comes out sounding pretty good. Any comments appreciated. - (Van Vekris) Hey, Blue, all your love is strange Come out, with all those crazy names So true, when you laugh For you, Blue Right or wrong? I belong...right or wrong. Hey, Blue, where'd you run to now? (Hey Blue) Miss you since they found you out I've been waiting for such a long hour For your smile... For you, Blue I lay with you this velvet moment Stay with me for a while Where we run is up to you Just stay with me for a while.
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