Smashing Pumpkins – Crush tab

                 Smashing Pumpkins' "Crush" from the album Gish
                         words and music by Billy Corgan
    Tune guitar up 1/2 step (low-high: F Bb Eb Ab C F)

    Chords    F Bb Eb Ab C F
     Bbm      x 0  2  2  1 x
     Db       x 3  2  0  1 x
     Ab       3 2  0  0  0 x

     Bass Riff (BR):
     (This is the main bass riff, tabbed for the tuned up guitar. To play 
      standard bass, play all notes 1/2 step up from indicated)

Ab |---------------------------- Eb |--------------------3--5---- Bb |-----------3--5--7--------3- F |--3--5--7-------------------
Riff 1 (R1): Riff 2 (r2): echo echo |----------------------------- |--------------------------------- |--------------15-13-12----13- |--------------15-13-12-13-13p12-- |--16-14-12-14----------12---- |--16-14-12-14-------------------- |----------------------------- |--------------------------------- |----------------------------- |--------------------------------- |----------------------------- |---------------------------------
Intro: BR Bbm Db Ab R1 Bbm Db Ab R2 Basic chord progression over lyrics: Bbm Db Ab You wrap your arms around R1 A feeling that surrounds R2 Like liquid peppermint R1 Just taste the drinks that she served Bbm Db Ab And this feeling shimmers down your spine Love comes in colors I can't deny All that matters is love, love, your love BR You're sleeping in your bed R2 Just rest your weary head R1 Maybe you shouldn't care R2 Throw away those dreams and dare Solo (kind of; there is some singing over this):
|--------------------------------------------------------------- |------------------------------12-13-12~~----------------------- |--(12)14r12---(9)10r9~--12-14---------------------------12h14-- |--------------------------------------------------------------- |--------------------------------------------------------------- |--------------------------------------------------------------- And I wonder if it
(~ here means keep string bent) |--------------------------------------------------------- |--12-13-(13)15~15~15~15~15~15~15~15~15r13-13-12-13-12~~-- |--------------------------------------------------------- |--------------------------------------------------------- |--------------------------------------------------------- |--------------------------------------------------------- matters to me____ Love comes in colors I can't
(strike string with edge of pick and fade at ...) |----------------------------------------------------------------- |------------------12b13r12-13-12h13h15-17-17b18r17p15-15-15-15... |-12b13r12b13r12-------------------------------------------------- |----------------------------------------------------------------- |----------------------------------------------------------------- |----------------------------------------------------------------- deny______ All that shimmers is love, love, your love...
Slow strum Bbm Db Ab for outro
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