Smashing Pumpkins – Hummer chords

Faith lies in 
D          EM C

the ways of sin
D EM Cchase the charmed
D EM Cbut i don want them anymore
D EM C and in there eyes i was alive fool's disguise EM G D EM G Take me away from here EM A and so on until happiness will make you wonder D EM C Will i feel ok
D EM C it scares the disenchanted
D EM C Far away
D EM A Yeah I want sometyhing new D C G But what I am supposed to do-ooooh about you D C G Yeah i-iii love you D C G Its true A then back to original D EM C pattern until Ask yourself a question anyone but me
A C# i aint free
G D repeat Do you feel Em D Em G Love is real Em D Em G A
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