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Date: Thu,  9 Nov 95 11:58:02 PST

From: Trevor Mintz  @ SaskPower
Subject: Tab for 'Bodies'

"Bodies'  from the album Mellon Collie & the Infinite Sadness by the Smashing Pumpkins

First off, use what Billy calls 'grunge tuning' (dropped D).  Then take that Dropped D and tune it down a
half step to a C#.  In the last guitar world interview  Billy said the whole album was tuned down a half 
to get a deeper sound.  After that, the song is quite easy.

Major distortion"Love is suicide...."----------------------------------------------------------------------|----------------------------------------------------------------------|----------------------------------------------------------------------|--3333333333/777777777777\22222222222/333333333-----------------------|--3333333333/777777777777\22222222222/333333333-----------------------|--3333333333/777777777777\22222222222/333333333-----------------------|
change #1 "...casualties of their own past...."
change #2 "...nobody ..."
I can't remember exactly where in the lyrics the changes are but once you listen to the song you'll know where they are & where changes #1 and #2 go. Be patient with my instructions, this is my first posting. Recommendation: use a light pick to get that guitar attack. Cheers to everyone else who has posted tabs. Much appreciated. I'm waiting for help with the rest of the songs off this double album masterpiece. Especially 'To forgive' & 'Jellybelly'. Date: Tue, 14 Nov 1995 12:31:20 -0800 (PST) From: FateGrinder Subject: TAB: Bodies by Smashing Pumpkins bodies -- Smashing Pumpkins (billy corgan) ------ transcribed by Paul Scheidt ( one of the new, improved, gonna-kill-your-family tunes off the double album, Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness... Tuning: (Db Ab Db Gb Bb Eb) dropped-D with whole guitar down a half step
intro note-------|-------|-------|---7---| over and over for the entirety of the intro-------|-------|
E5 Ab5 Eb5 E5 Ab5 Eb5 E5 Ab5 Eb5 E5 Ab5 Eb5 E5 Ab5 Eb5 E5 Ab5 Eb5 E5 Cast the pearls aside, of a simple life of need E5 Ab5 Eb5 E5 Ab5 Eb5 Come into my life forever Eb5 Db5 Gb5 Eb5 The crumbled cities stand as known Eb5 Db5 Gb5 Eb5 of the sights you have been shown Eb5 Db5 Gb5 Eb5 of the hurt you call your own Eb5 Db5 Gb5
chorus 1--------|---10---|--------| with either a phaser or wah pedal, I can't tell..---7----| play above following line--------|--------|
E5 Ab5 Eb5 Love is suicide (x4) Gb5 E5 Ab5 Gb5 The empty bodies stand at rest Gb5 E5 Ab5 Gb5 Casualties of their own flesh Gb5 E5 Ab5 Gb5 E5 Ab5 Afflicted by their dispo-sse-ssion chorus 2 B5 C#5 E5 B5 But no bodies ever knew B5 C#5 E5 B5 No-body-s B5 C#5 E5 B5 No bodies felt like you B5 C#5 E5 No-body-s
quiet part----------12----12---12---|-------10---10--10---10---|----10----------10---10---| play this REAL close to the bridge for that music--------------------------| box kinda sound.. slight hint of chorus, too..--------------------------|--------------------------|
Love is suicide, love is suicide, love is suicide, love is.. love..
solo partE5 Ab5 Eb5 E5 Now we drive the night------------------------------------|------------------------------------|---2---7---9--7-----9---9b10r9~\----|------------------------------------|------------------------------------|------------------------------------|
E5 Ab5 Eb5 E5 to the ironies of peace------------------------------|------------------------------|---2---7--9--9b10r9--9-7-9----|------------------------------|------------------------------|------------------------------|
E5 Ab5 Eb5 E5 Ab5 Eb5 You can't help deny forever---------------------------------------|---------------------------------------|---2---7---9----9b10r9--7--5-7-9~~\----|---------------------------------------|---------------------------------------|---------------------------------------|
Eb5 Db5 Gb5 Eb5 The tragedies reside in you Eb5 Db5 Gb5 Eb5 The secret sights hide in you Eb5 Db5 Gb5 Eb5 The lonely nights divide you in two Eb5 Db5 Gb5 Gb5 E5 Ab5 Gb5 All my blisters now revealed Gb5 E5 Ab5 Gb5 In the darkness of my dreams Gb5 E5 Ab5 Gb5 E5 Ab5 In the spaces in between us chorus 2 with just one guitar then chorus 2 with two guitars, and one angry Billy Corgan.. :) then chorus 1 again end on Db5, then pull the plug outta your guitar and do strange things with it chord formations ---------------- Db5 000xxx Eb5 222xxx E5 333xxx Gb5 555xxx Ab5 x0222x B5 x3555x C#5 x5777x
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