Smithereens - Blood And Roses tab

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Date: Fri, 28 Jul 95 09:30:09 -0400
From: "Michael Zalot[mav]" 
Subject: TAB: "Blood And Roses" by The Smithereen

"Blood and Roses" by The Smithereens
transcription by Mike C. Zalot

Intro/Verse Pattern (Electric Bass)

Em G Em G D|0---0-0----3---3---|0---0-0-----3---------||0---0-0----3---3---|0---0-0-----3----3----||0---0-0----0---0---|0---0-0-----0----2----||2---2-2----0---0---|2---2-2-----0----0----||2---2-2------------|2---2-2---------------||0---0-0----3---3---|0---0-0-----3---------|
It was long ago, it seems like yesterday I saw you standing in the rain Then I heard you say
Cmaj7 Dsus2 Em|0---------0--------|0---------------------||0---------3--------|0---------------------||0---------2--------|0---------------------||2---------0--------|2---------------------||3------------------|2---------------------||-------------------|0---------------------|
I want your love, but your love's too strong I need your love but I don't belong
Cmaj7 Dsus2 Asus2|0---------0--------|0---------------------||0---------3--------|0---------------------||0---------2--------|2---------------------||2---------0--------|2---------------------||3------------------|0---------------------||-------------------|----------------------|
I close my eyes and I see blood and roses Flowers in the springtime, October we were wed Wintertime the roses died, You turned to me and said . . . .
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