Smiths – Paint A Vulgar Picture tab ver. 2

			     Paint A Vulgar Picture - The Smiths
Tabbed by:P.Bouyear

Tuning:Standard Capo Second Fret

If you just play the cd as you play along you will get it. This is how Marr wrote it and 
the key Morrissey sang it in.

These are the chords E5 E* G C F Am A E F#m G7e|-0--0--3--0--1--0--0--2--4--2--3--|B|-0--0--3--1--1--1--2--3--5--2--0--|G|-4--1--4--0--2--2--2--2--4--2--0--|D|----2--5--2--3--2--2--4--6--4--3--|A|----2--5--3--3--0--0--5--7--4--X--|E|----0--3-----1--------------2--3--|
Intro |E5 |E* | | |G |C F |F G C G |Am F |G F |Am F |G Verse 1 C F G At the record company meeting, C F G On their hands: a dead star. Am F G And ooh, the plans that they weave, F Am F G E* And ooh, the sickening greed. Verse 2 A D E At the record company party A D E On their hands: a dead star. F#m D E The sycophantic slags all say: D A D E "I knew him first, and I knew him well." A D E Re-issue! Re-package! Re-package! A D E Re-evaluate the songs, F#m D E Double pack with a photograph, D A D E G Extra track (and a tacky badge.) Verse 3 C F A-list, playlist, G "Please them, please them, please them!" C F G (Sadly, this was your life) Am F G But you could have said no, if you'd wanted to, F Am F G You could have said no, if you'd wanted to. Verse 4 C F BPI, MTV, BBC, G "Please them. please them!" C F G (Sadly, this was your life) Am F G But you could have said no, if you'd wanted to, F Am F G E* You could have walked away, couldn't you? Verse 5 A D E I touched you at the soundcheck, A D E You had no real way of knowing. F#m D E D In my heart I begged, "Take me with you. F#m D E I don't care where you're going." Verse 6 A D But to you I was faceless, E I was fawning, I was boring. A D E A child from those ugly new houses, F#m D E Who could never begin to know, D F#m D E G Who could never really know. Back up guitar chords for solo |C F |F G C |F |Am F |G F |Am F |G F |F G C|F G |Am |F G F |Am F |G |E* ||
Guitar Soloe|-------------------------------------------------------------------------|B|------7-8h7---------10/12-10-8p7--------------10-8-10-8-10-12-12-10-10---|G|7-7-9-------7-7-9-9--------------7-7-9-9-9/11----------------------------|D|-------------------------------------------------------------------------|A|-------------------------------------------------------------------------|E|-------------------------------------------------------------------------|
Verse 7 A D E Best of! Most of! Satiate the need, A D E Slip them into different sleeves! F#m D E D Buy both, and feel deceived, F#m D E Climber, new entry re-entry. Verse 8 A D World tour!("Media whore!") E A "Please the press in Belgium!" D E (This was your life...) F#m D E D And when it fails to recoup? Well, maybe: F#m D E G You just haven't earned it yet, baby. Verse 9 C F G I walked a pace behind you at the souundcheck. C F G You're just the same as I am. Am F G What makes most people feel happy F Am F G Leads us headlong into harm. C F So, in my bedroom in those ugly new houses, G C F G I dance my legs down to the knees. Am F G F Am G E* But me and my true love will never meet again... Verse 10 A D E At the record company meeting, A D E On their hands, at last, a dead star! F#m D E But they can never taint you in my eyes, D F#m D E They can never touch you now. A D E No, they cannot hurt you my darling, A D E They cannot touch you now, F#m D E D F#m E But me and my true love will never meet again. Outro |G7 |G7 |G7 |G7 | / slide up | \ slide down | h hammer-on | p pull-off | ~ vibrato | + harmonic | x Mute note =============================================================================
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