Smiths - The Boy With The Thorn In His Side tab

From: (Johnny Mnemonic)
Subject: Smiths-
Date: Tue, 7 Jun 1994 04:37:43 -0500 (CDT)

The Boy With the Thorn in His Side 
As usual, dont quote me on the bass part as I dont pay too too much
attention to it.  
intro (i'm just showing the chords, i'm too lazy to tab out each 
time he strums the chord)
C D C Cmaj7 Dsus4C De-3---2--- -3---3----3----0--2--b-5---3--- -5---5----3----1--3--g-5---2--- -5---4----2----0--2--d-5---0--- x2 -5---5----0----2--0--a--------- ---------------3-----e--------- ---------------------
g--------- ---------------------d-----0--- ----------0--0----0--a-3-----0- -3-------------3-----e--------- ----3--0-------------
The song repeats the following pattern, then ends with the intro, then back through it again. Also again, i dont tab out all the strumming (which insnt to be confused with the times he is actually holding the notes)
G Am C/Am The boy with the thorn in his side behind thee-7-----7-7----8-8--5-------------------------8-------------------b-8-----8-8----1010-7-------------------------8-------------------g-7-----7-7----9-9--7-------------------------9-------------------d-------------------7---------------------------------------------a-----------------------------------------------------------------e-----------------------------------------------------------------
C D hatred there lies e-10-----5-----------b-8------7----------- you go though that twice then change theg-9------7----------- last C to a 3 one for the rest of the songd-10-----7----------- 5a-------------------- 5e-------------------- 5
end with the intro Tom
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