The Boy With The Thorn In His Side chords with lyrics by Smiths - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Smiths – The Boy With The Thorn In His Side chords

                THE BOY WITH THE THORN IN HIS SIDE - The Smiths
Tabbed by: knighty123

I wanted to learn this song to play acoustically, but the tabs already on here didn't
seem right. So I made this one, it's sort of an amalgamation of different people's
rendition of the song, with the song itself, put in a way I think sounds nice when 
played on an acoustic.

The intro I tabbed out isn't completely accurate as to how many strums of each chord to
do, so just try it out and do whatever sounds good to yourself.

In the verse, I'll put a '*' next to the Am chords, which you play briefly for a strum
or two.

Intro: (C-D x3)

this is where lyrics start the boy with the....e------7-77-77-8-8-----5-55-5-55-55-----|B------8-88-88-8-8-----7-77-7-77-77-----|G------7-77-77-7-7-----7-77-7-77-77-----|D------0-00-00-0-0-----0-00-0-00-00-----|A---------------------------------------|E---------------------------------------|
(as above) AmThe boy with the thorn in his side
C DBehind the hatred there lies
G Am* DA murderous desire
Am C DFoooor loooove
D G Am* DHow can they look into my eyes
Am C DAnd still they don't believe me
G Am* DHow can they hear me say those words
Am C DStill they don't believe me
G Am* DAnd if they don't believe me now
Am C DWill they ever believe me?
G Am* DAnd if they don't believe me now
Am CWill they ever believe me?
The intro is then played again and the above chords are repeated for the rest of the song.
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