Smokie – Now You Think You Know tab

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Subject: Smokie_NowYouThinkYouKnow

Here's how I play SMOKIE'S Now You Think You Know

but you can play rythm guitar chords instead of intro: C G Em F C G C G Verses: C Em C G G F# F C G F C (G) C Em C G G F# F C G F C (G) Chorus: C G Em Am F G C (G) C G Em Am F G C (G) All this repeats three times or so.You may listen to the tape. Do you have Iron Maiden's PRODIGAL SON, REMEMBER TOMORROW or GENGHIS KHAN tab version? If so please mail it to me : and sign it as "FOR FERO VLKOLINSKY". Thank you! That's all Have fun playing.
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