Smokie – I Feel Love chords

			     I FEEL LOVE - Smokie
Tabbed by: Joel Bergström, Sundsvall, Sweden 2010-09-14

I noticed the lack of this great song so I figured I post my version. It is 
probably not perfect so please send me your thoughts and help me improve.
No smokie collection is complete without this song. 

Tuning: Standard

A F# E Bm De|----0------2----0------2----2----------------------------------------------|B|----2------2----0------3----3----------------------------------------------|G|----2------2----1------4----2----------------------------------------------|D|----2------4----2------4----0----------------------------------------------|A|----0-----------2------2---------------------------------------------------|E|----------------0----------------------------------------------------------|
Intro picking pattern for the first chord, I improvise for the others.e|---------------------------------------------------------------------------|B|-------0-2-----------------------------------------------------------------|G|-----2---------------------------------------------------------------------|D|---2-----------------------------------------------------------------------|A|-0-------------------------------------------------------------------------|E|---------------------------------------------------------------------------|
AI was five years old
F# EWhen I first saw her face
D AI can see her now, school yard was the place
Bm EAnd she took my breath away
Bm E A'Cause I felt love that day
AI was ten years old
F#When mama said goodbye
E D AI was just a boy when I saw my daddy cry
Bm EAnd it took my breath away
Bm E A'Cause I felt love that day
F# D AI'm getting feelings that I can't control
F# D AAre you feeling the same
F# D AOpen my heart, take a look at my soul
Bm D EAnd love me again
AI was seventeen
F# EWhen I made love to her
D AWe were lying there, naked, warm and pure
Bm EAnd she took my breath away
Bm E AWhen we made love that day
Ref. During solo: D D A E *3 D D E E
AI was twenty-one
F#When I held him in my arms
EHe was my first born
D Aoh the dreams that I had planned
Bm EAnd he took my breath away
Bm E A'Cause I held love that day
Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh.....
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