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East Side

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Chord 1E--x--B--9--G--9--D--9--A--7--E--x--
Chord 2E--x--B--7--G--7--D--6--A--7--E--x--
Chord 3 (Powerchord "A")E--5--B--5--G--6--D--7--A--7--E--5--
Chord 4E--x--B--5--G--5--D--4--A--x--E--x--
In Between VersesE--x---x---x--x-|B--x---x---x--x-|G-12--11--4--5--|D--x---x---x--x-|A-10--9---2--3--|E--x---x---x--x-|
Bridge Chords: G B E Now I'm ge-tting into you A B C And I fee-l wild Well That's basically it. Knowing the song helps a little so you can figure out how many times you need to strum each part. With some practice, you can perfect it. It's not as hard as it looks. It's actually very easy (if you're a good guitarist). Tabs By: Colin Desaulniers
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