Snider Todd – A Lot More tab

Date: Fri, 27 Mar 1998 08:07:37 -0500
Subject: crd: A Lot More by Todd Snider 

A Lot More
by Todd Snider

From the album "Songs for the Daily Planet"

Chords: G C D AE-------3-----0-----3-----0-----B-------0-----1-----2-----2-----G-------0-----0-----3-----2-----D-------0-----2-----0-----2-----A-------2-----3-----0-----0-----E-------3-----X-----X-----X-----
G Some guys are looking for diamonds C Some guys just want to pay their bills D Some guys are climbing up mountains G While others are digging for thrills G Some guys just want to win trophies C Some guys just want to get girls D And some guys swear they won't stop working 'Till they own everything in the world Chorus: C D Well good luck at the end of that rainbow G C If you think that's what you're here for G D Make no mistakes about it baby C I want a whole lot more G I want a whole lot more Sometimes I see people out here Playing every single one of their cards For bigger this and better that And greener grass 'round the pools in their yard They work and they slave just so they can save up A whole lot to leave behind Yeah some guys are just so certain success Is the key to their piece of mind Chorus C G I want a whole lot more than treasure D G That I can store down here on earth C G Price 'em any way that you want to A D Hey buddy I know what they're worth C Yeah some guys want attention D Some guys want girls G C And some dig kickin' down doors G D Some guys will want everything in the whole wide world C I want a whole lot more G I want a whole lot more There's a whole lot more
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