Snoop Dogg - My Medicine tab version 1

This is a simple version to play the catchy guitar tune in Snoop Dogg's My Medicine. I 
assure it's totally correct (since it's my first tab), but it sounds ok to me.

Somewhere around 130 BPM

F#m A BE||--2---2--2-0---0--0-2---2--2---2-2---|B||--2---2--2-2---2--2-4---4--4---4-4---|G||--2---2--2-2---2--2-4---4--4---4-4---|D||--4---4--4-2---2--2-4---4--4---4-4---|A||--4---4--4-0---0--0-2---2--2---2-2---|E||--2---2--2---------------------------| E. E S E. E S E. E E. S E.
Duration Legend --------------- E - 8th S - 16th . - note dotted Enjoy =)
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