Snow Patrol – Lifening tab

Standard Tuning
No Capo

The backing chords for the song are:

E |X|    F#m |X|    D |X|    A |X|
  |0|        |0|      |3|      |2|
  |1|        |2|      |2|      |2|
  |2|        |4|      |0|      |2|
  |2|        |4|      |0|      |0|
  |0|        |0|      |X|      |X|


Tab: (repeated all the way through, listen out for stops and starts)

Tip: If you've got small hands or prefer not to stretch, you might want to put a capo on at 5. This is just so that you don't have to keep stretching down and can play the strings open instead (this obviously means you can't play the chords though). Rate & Reply! DR~
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