Soccer Mommy – I'm On Fire chords

Intro: D Bm x2

Verse 1:
DHey little girl
is your daddy home?
EmDid he go away and
F#mleave you all
Galone? oh no
BmI got a bad desire
Chorus 1:
G A Oh oh oh
DI'm on fire
Verse 2:
DTell me now baby
is he good to you?
EmCan he do to you
F#mthe things that
GI do? Oh no I can
Bmtake you higher
Chorus 2:
G A Oh oh oh
D Bm D BmI'm on fire
Bridge: Sometimes it's like
Gsomeone took a knife
baby edgy and dull
BmAnd cut a six inch
valley through the
A Gmiddle of my soul
Verse 3:
DAt night I wake up
with the sheets soaking wet And a
Emfreight train running
F#mthrough the middle
Gof my head Only you
Bmcan cool my desire
Chorus 3:
G A Oh oh oh
D Bm D BmI'm on fire
D Bm G A Bm F#m G A D(hold)
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