Socialburn – Cold Night tab

Artist: Socialburn
Song: Cold Night
Album: The Beauty of Letting Go
Tabbed by: Steve

Intro: D A Ge---x-----------------|B---x-----------------|G---5-------------7---|D---5------7------5---| 2xA---0------7------5---|D---0------7------5---|
Lead Guitar:e------------|B------------|G--14\7------|D------------| (repeat)A--12\5------|D------------|
Verses: D A G (repeat) D A G "This cold night, the silence never helps D It's a wakeup call, a wakeup fall..." Prechorus: A "I'm not gonna let this phase me G I've learned the beauty of letting go..." Chorus: D A G D A G D A G D A G Intro Verse Prechorus Chorus Intro (4x for "solo") Prechorus Chorus Hey everyone, this is an amazing song by a great band! If you have any questions/comments/requests let me know at OR AIM: crazyleadplayer1 Thanks, enjoy!
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