Soggy Bottom Boys – I Am A Man Of Constant Sorrow tab

Song: I am a man of constant sorrow
Artist: Soggy Bottom Boys
Tabber: HealthBar

Okay, so I'm sure there are a ton of tabs out there for this, I just wanted to throw my 
in there for everyone to see.  The original version calls for open G tuning or DADGAD 
capo 3.

CAPO 1, standard tuning EADGBE

This is pretty easy, and because I am a perfectionist at trying to get the chords to 
like the real ones, we have to use what I call Open Barre Chords.

Chords used: (all fingerings relative to capo)
E5 (079900)
AM9 (577600)
BM11 (799800)

Each time I write a chord out, it is played for 4 beats


E5 E5 AM9 BM11 E5

E5 E5 AM9 BM11

E5 BM11 E5

and repeat that for all of the verses, I know the measure if off a little bit, but 
to it and you'll get it down.  You can also make some really cool solos for this song with 
pentatonic scale.
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