Soja – Everything Changes chords

Tom: B
Intro 2x:E|------------------------------------------------------------------------------|B|------------------------------------------------------------------------------|G|-8-6/8---8-6/8---8-6/4---------4------8-6/8---8-6/8---8-6/4--------4----------|D|-----------------------6---4/6---6--------------------------6--4/6---6--------|A|------------------------------------------------------------------------------|E|------------------------------------------------------------------------------|
( E F# G#m ) What do we really need In this life I look at myself sometimes And it's not right People out there with no Food at night And we say we care, but we don't So we all lie What if there's something That you'll be paying At the end of the life Not the end of the day And we end up in All the shit that they're in And roles are reversed And it were different And we were the ones With nothing to eat And we were the ones With blood in our streets We were the ones With all the offspring And they were the ones Just watching on TV We were the ones Broke down and torn With our life on our back And our wife in our arms And they were the ones Like oh that's so sad We were the ones Like OH... Nothing ever changes The only thing I know Nothing ever changes Looking down this road Nothing ever changes Nothing ever changes Nothing ever changes At least that's how we act Like nothing ever changes Like god has got our backs And nothing ever changes I'm looking down this road And all I see is pain, yes Maybe we need more Shoes on our feet Maybe we need more Cash and jewelry Maybe we need more Cars and TV's Maybe we don't know What we need Maybe we need To want to fix this Maybe stop talking Maybe start listening Maybe we need To look at this world Less like a square And more like a circle Maybe just maybe God's not unfair Maybe were all his kids And he's up there Maybe he loves us For all our races Maybe he hates us When were all so racist Maybe he sees us Down here so selfish Takes this whole planet And just tries to melt it Maybe the meat Will inherit the earth 'Cuz it was written before So everything changes Nothing stays the same And everything changes And if you feel ashamed Maybe you should change this Before it gets too late Maybe you should change this We're standing at the gate Maybe you should change this Because everything changes You should change this Because everything changes Everything changes Everything changes
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