I'm Hanging Up My Heart For You chords with lyrics by Solomon Burke - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Solomon Burke – I'm Hanging Up My Heart For You chords

Bb  Gm   Eb   F   Bb

Bb GmI'm gonna stop wasting time, honey
Eb F Being a run around
Bb GmChasing after every little girl
Eb FThat lives in our town
Bb Bb7I'm just take it easy, baby
EbI tell you what I'm
Edim7 Gonna do right now
C FI'm hanging up my heart for you
Bb GmI'm gonna shake the reputation
Eb F Of being a ladies man
BbGonna throw away my
GmLittle black book right now
Eb F Into the nearest trash can
Bb Bb7 I'm just gonna push aside
Eb Edim7Everything I used to do
BbBecause I'm hanging up my
F Bb Bb7Heart for you just for you
Bb7 EbI wanna thank you, yes
EbI wanna thank you
Bb F Bb Bb7For making me see the light
CAnd oh, I wanna thank you
CYes, I'm gonna thank you
FFor the rest of my life
FAnd every,every,every,every
Bb Gm EbDay I just wanna love you
FMore and more
Bb GmI'm gonna be a one woman man right now baby
Eb F Like never before
Bb Bb7And when all of it's over
Eb Edim7There's just one thing I wanna do
Bb FI wanna hang up my heart
Bb Ab G7My heart for you oh oh oh yeah
CI wanna be hangin' up
FHangin' up my heart
Bb Eb7 Bb7For you, you, you
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