Something Like Silas – Spirit Waltz tab

Spirit Waltz
Artist: Something Like Silas

C:	Verse Em:      C/B:	Am:	F2:	Chorus Em:
0	7		0	0	0	0
1	8		1	1	1	0
0	9		0	2	2	0
2	9		0	2	3	2
3	7		2	0	0	2
0	7		0	0	0	0
Note: Yes, there are two Em’s that they use. The verse Em is used only for the verses 
the chorus Em is used for the chorus.

Another Note: If you're singing along and this is too deep, a capo on fourth sounds really good:)

Verse 1:
C	    Em       F2
Your cup of Grace is deeper than, is deeper than,
    C    Em     F2
The ocean
    C            Em        F2
And Your strong embrace is wider than, is wider than,
    C        Em     F2
The skies

C     C/B                Em
Jesus,   my heart cannot break
   F2      C       C/B
Enough for Your Love
                 Em     F2
A well that runs deep within my soul

C    C/B    Am     F2   2X

Verse 2
Your perfect words go further than, go further than
And when my world shakes You pull me through, You pull me through
The storm

Chorus I'm 100% sure this is 99.999% correct :) Hope it Helps Apollo
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