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Subject: TAB: Catching On by Son Volt
Date: Thu, 25 Jul 96 17:35:40 -0500
From: Jim 

Cathing On
by Son Volt
Transcribed by John Erlinger (

Music and words by Jay Farrar (Warner-Tamerlane Pub./Grain Elevator Songs)
>From the Warner Bros. album "Trace" (9 46010-2)

   G/D                D                G/D                D

G/D D G/D D p h p|--3-2--3-2/5--3-2-----0-2~---2---3-2--3-2/5--3-2-----------------------||------------------0-3----------------------------0-3--3-----3-2~-------||-----------------------------------------------------------------------||-----------------------------------------------------------------------||-----------------------------------------------------------------------||-----------------------------------------------------------------------|
G/D D Can't find the reason, can't find the way, G/D D A Asus4 Guess it's not you and me, only dogs have their day. G/D Another case of words that melt, D A Asus4 It's not a question of right nightmares. C In broad daylight, G D Season crash, season burn, A C Survive another turn. G D A Now I'm reaching out, it's true. G/D D And you don't see me, I'm catching on to you. G/D D A You don't see me, I'm catching on to you. Took a break to get that far, Like the sound from a hundred dollar guitar Bought from an old catalogue Yesterday's dust and heartache. 'Cause the pieces fall like candy when you're young, medicine When you're old, There's no reason or rhyme, Sidestepping around On an elevator climb. And you don't see me, I'm catching on to you. Another jail, another burnout inside, Skeleton low, left to die. Take whatever lies ahead, Good with the bad, and leave the rest. And you don't see me, I'm catching on to you. You don't see me, I'm catching on to you. Catching on, catching on. Official Son Volt website: Gumbo Pages website:
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