Sondre Lerche - Ricochet chords

Tabbed by syphaxe

...this one's pretty accurate, these are the following slight variations that I've messed with;

-  "E7:)"  =  (o) (o) (o)  4  5  4   (D chord moved up two frets)

-  "A7:)"  =  (x) (o)  2  (o) 2  1   (A7addF)

-  I like the Dmaj7 instead of the Bm7 in the verse

-  I plead the fifth (position) for the A after the E7:)

[[Verse 1]]

G A DWouldn't it be nice if we were close
G A7 BmOr pretending that we were could kill the ghost
G6 BmMaybe I'd cooperate but I'm done
G6 Bm7 (orDmaj7)That's not breaking news, you cannot
G A DTurn the volume down as you choose
G A DSomewhere in a house across the sea
G A7 BmMaybe in a distant memory
G6 BmNow and then you'd reappear out of nowhere
G6 Bm7Like some ricochet now you wade
G A DAgainst the current in our old bay
Bm F# E7 AShimmering underneath the sea
Bm F# E7 ASentimental echoes sparked by memory
D E7:) [A] A7:) A7 D Hard to make believe nothing means anything to me
[[Tranny]] D Gm Bm A A7 D [[Verse 2]]
G A DRehashing the wounded patriarch
G A7 BmOn a tattered throne with a broken heart
G6 Bm From a home where you don't earn your stripes
G6 Bm7 (orDmaj7)You have to demand your rights
G A DBut you'll never win if you try
A D7But in some corridor
G DFlickers a poor stubborn light
D A7 D7 I can't put it out or burn it down
G E7 DI cannot turn this ship around, around
C G6 F#Ahhhh ahhh ahhhh ahhhhahhhhhahhhahhh Ahhhhhhhhh
E7 AWe're almost emptied out
Bm F# E7 ASentimental echoes cynical with doubt
D E7:) [A] A7:) A7 D Hard to make believe nothing means anything to me
[[Sheep herd]] (In the middle of the flock repeat D, Gm, Bm7, A A7) go ride a bike (or if it's f@*&ng raining, read the bikesnobnyc blog)
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