Sonic Boom Six - Northern Skies tab

Sonic Boom Six: Northern Skies
Tabbed by: Zach D.
Tuning: Standard

I was going over the internet and noticed that Northern Skies had no tab, so I decided
quickly tab it out while bored. If you notice any errors, feel free to comment on what
to be changed! Hope you guys like this!

Play this the entire song, strum changes. Just listen to the song for the correct strum.
to play it in the ska style (mute the string on the "x" [or whatever the strum might
such as --x-,--x-,--x- . . .]). If you'd like, you can turn the "ska chords"/triads into 
chords by simply barring your finger (Example: for the "555" triad [the first chord],
be "577555" for the second, the "565," it would be, "577565.").

Play this on the distortion part, during the middle. Listen for the change.
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