Sonny And Cher – The Beat Goes On tab

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Date: Mon, 27 Oct 97 20:29:26 PST
From: "Stephen V. Smith" 
Subject: CRD: The Beat Goes On by Sonny and Cher

     The Beat Goes On - Sonny and Cher (1972)
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Main Bass riff line e|------------------------------------------------| B|------------------------------------------------| G|------------------------------------------------| D|------------------------------------------------| A|-3-----1-----------1--3-----1-----1--------1----| E|-------------3-----------------------3----------| ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ | repeating |
The beat goes on... The beat goes on Drums keep pounding ryhthym to the brain La da da da di, La da da da da C7 Charleston was once the rage, uh-huh History has turned a page, uh-huh The mini skirts the current thing, uh-huh Teeny bopper is our new born king, uh-huh riff And the beat goes on... The beat goes on C7 The grocery store does supermart, uh-huh Little girls still break their hearts, uh-huh And men still keep on marching off to war 'Lectrically they keep their baseball score riff And the beat goes on... The beat goes on C7 Grandmas sit in chairs and reminisce Boys keep chasing girls to get a kiss And cars keep going faster all the time Bums still cry "Hey buddy have you got a dime" riff And the beat goes on... The beat goes on And the beat goes on... Yes, the beat goes on (repeating to fade...)
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