Sonny Rhodes - Ballad Of Serenity Fire Fly Theme tab

Title 		: 	Ballad of Serenity (Fire Fly theme)
Written by 	:	Joss Whedon
Recorded by 	:	Sonny Rhodes
Tabbed by	:	Ben Dinsdale 
Contact		:
Notes		:	Capo 3rd fret 
		:	standard tuning
-- chords used (relative to capo): -------------------------------------------------------------
A G D E Ce|--0----3----2---------0--b|--2----3----3----0----1--g|--2----0----2----1----0--D|--2----0----0----2----2--A|--0----2---------2----3--E|-------3---------0----0--
------------------------------------------------------------- Riffs: -------------------------------------------------------------
C G NB. these chord's are finger picked.e|--0--3--b|--1--3--g|--0--0--D|--2--0--A|--3--2--E|--0--3--
C Ae|--0----0--b|--1----2--g|--0----2--D|--2----2--A|--3----0--E|--0-------
----------------------------------------------------------- -- Ballad of Serenity (Fire fly theme) -- -----------------------------------------------------------
-------------------- Intro: --------------------Verse 1:
A G Take my love, take my land D A E Take me where I cannot stand C G I don't care, I'm still free D A E You can't take the sky from me verse 2: A G Take me out to the black D A E Tell them I ain't coming back C G Burn the land and boil the sea D A E You can't take the sky from me
-------------------- Instrumental:--------------------
Verse 3: A G There's no place I can be D A E Since I found Serenity C D But you can't take the sky from me
-------------------- Outro: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------Links: -- Sonny Rhodes official website -----------------------------------------------------------
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