Sons Of Freedom – Dead Dog On The Highway tab

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From: (William Bajjali)
Subject: TAB: Dead Dog on the Highway, Sons of Freedom

A rather obscure band and album, relased in 1988.  Canadian...  from

If you're into crunchy guitar, thumpy bass, and loud heavy rhythm,
give these guys a listen...  especially if you are also into the
Jesus Lizard.  The first release is best:  Sons of Freedom.



                        DEAD DOG ON THE HIGHWAY

                            Sons of Freedom
                            from the album:
                            Sons of Freedom

Three main parts:

1     Intro and ryhthem drone chop:

E-|-------------x---| Heavily palm muted. During verses let A string B-|-----8-----------| ring and fret E string with thumb over the G-|-------------x---| top (T). D-|-------10--------| A-|-------------x---| E-|-----T-------x---|
2 Power chord crunch:
E-|---------| A major at the nut. B-|-----3---| G-|-----3---| D-|-----3---| A-|---------| E-|---------|
3 Descending line in change:
E-|-----------------------------------------------| B-|-----------------------------------------------| G-|-----------------------------------------------| D-|-------7-5----7-5----5-4----3-2----0---0-4-5---| A-|-----0------0------5------3------0---3---------| E-|-----------------------------------------------| etc... continue from open A string.
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