Sons Of Korah – Psalm 3 chords

Em EmLord, how many are my foes Lord!
A EmMany rise against me!
Em EmThey say of me God will never
A EmGod will not deliver him
E GBut You are a shield around me
B EmYou lift my head
E GAnd You will honour me
B GYou lift my head
Em EmI cry to the Lord, He answers
A Emfrom his holy hill
Em EmI lie down and sleep and wake for
A EmGod, he will sustain me
E GI will not be affraid
B Emof ten thousand men
E Gdrawn up on every side,
B Emyou are my shield
EArise, Lord
A EDeliver me!
Em EmStrike all my enemies on the jaw
break the teeth of the wicked one (in this part you can use the Em/F# chord)
E GFrom the Lord comes deliverance
A EMay your blessings fall
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