The Fire tab with lyrics by Sons Of Midnight - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Sons Of Midnight – The Fire tab

I've been looking and looking and the tabs for this song is nowhere to find, so I tried 
figuring some of it out myself.
I'm a novice guitar player, and this is my first time trying to tab a song.
My hope with posting these tabs is that someone may see it as a kickstart to trying 
figuring a bit more of the song out that I was capable of.

The chords can be found here on Ultimate-Guitar.

C#m Am Eme|----------------|----------------|----------------|----------------|b|----------------|--2-2-2--20-----|-0--0-0-0--0----|----------------|g|--6--6-6-6--4---|---2-2--2--2----|--1--1-1--1-----|----------------|D|----6-6-6--6-6--|----------------|---------2------|----------------|A|4---------------|0---------------|----------------|----------------|E|----------------|----------------|0---------------|----------------|
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