Sophie Zelmani – Oh Dear tab

Quite furious not finding just a mediocre version of this song anywhere, I decided to 
out the chords myself. I think they are correct, the only part I’m not quite sure about, 
the second part of the bridge/outro (Am - G).

Two guitars accompany each other, one plays the chords and the other the beautiful 
Don’t look for the riffs here; maybe I’ll post them later.

For any questions or corrections, feel free to mail me. I HAVE A @ G MAIL . COM (without spaces)

- J. Niemi

Capo 2nd fret, standard tuning.


G - C - Em - C (x4)

Don't you [G]ever go out
When was the [C]last timeyou were out
Have you [Em]ever been out
Oh [C]dear

Is something [G]wrong with the air
Since you [C]can't breathe in here
How long have [Em]you held breath
Oh [C]dear


G - C - Em - C
Am - G - (x3)
Am - G - G

What is [G]closing you in
Must be a [C]giant dream
It's not your [Em]life we have seen
Oh [C]dear

Don't let your [G]choices be
hopes you [C]still can't feel
All was [Em]giving for free
My [C]dear


G - C - Em - C
Am - G - (x3)
Am - G - G

G - C - Em - C (Repeat to fade)
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