Soul Asylum – Runaway Train tab


C          Csus4   C    C/D   C
/ //// //  //      //   //    //      2x

Alternative way to play this intro.

C     C add f  C pull off to d  C. Pretty much the same as above only strike the f and d 
instead of just using them as part of the chord.

C                                        Em
Call you up in the mid-dle of the night.
Em                               Am
Like a fire-fly with-out a light.
Am                                        G
You were there like a blow-torch burning.
I was a key that could use a lit-tle turn-ing.

C                                    Em
So tired that I couldn't ev-en sleep.
Em                               Am
So many secrets I couldn't keep.
Am                                G
Promised my-self, I wouldn't weep.
One more promise, I couldn't keep

F EmIt seems no one can help me now. C AmI'm in too deep, there's no way out.F EmThis time I have real-ly led my-self a-stray. E----------------------| B-10-8-10-8-10-8-10/12-|Chorus
C Em Run-a-way train nev-er going back. Em Am Wrong way on a one way track. Am G Seems like I should be get-ting some-where. G G //// Bass for guitar.
Some-how I'm neither here nor there. A--------2--3--| E-3-3--5-------| 1st chorus only.
C Em Can you help me re-mem-ber how to smile? Em Am Make it some-how all seem worth-while. Am G How on earth did I get so jad-ed? G Life's mys-tery seems so fad-ed. C Em I can go where no one else can go. Em Am I know what no one else knows. Am G Here I am just-a drown-in'in the rain. G With a tic-ket for a run-a-way train, and F Em Ev-er-y-thing seems cut and dry. C Am Day and night, earth and sky. F Em G Some-how I, just don't be-lieve. Chorus 2 Lead solo.
C EmE--8-8-8--8-10-8-8-8-8--8-7--12-7--7-8-10-8p7-8h10p8-7---|B--------------------------------------------------------|G--------------------------------------------------------|D--------------------------------------------------------|A--------------------------------------------------------|E--------------------------------------------------------|
F G CE--8--8-8-8----10-8-10------8-----8-8-8-10-----|B----------------------------------------------|G----------------------------------------------|D----------------------------------------------|A----------------------------------------------|E----------------------------------------------|
Am F Em GE-------------------------------------------------------------|B--10--10-10----8-8-8--------8-10-8---10-8-10-8-10-8-10/12----|G-----------------------9--7----------------------------------|D-------------------------------------------------------------|A-------------------------------------------------------------|E-------------------------------------------------------------|
Barre all chords in the solo above. Play chord once at the beginning of the next 4 verses until *than on line four. C Bought a tic-ket for a run-a-way train. Em Like a mad-man laugh-in'at the rain. Am Lit-tle out of touch, lit-le in-sane. G G Just easier *than deal-ing with the pain. Chorus 3 to end verses below. C Em Run-a-way train, nev-er com-in' back. Em Am Run-a-way train, tear---in' up the track. Am G Run-a-way train, burn-in' in my veins. G C Run-a-way, but it al-ways seems the same. C Csus4 C/D C Em Em7 Am Asus4 Am Asus2 Am G 2x Listen to the song for the way these chords are played. There are a lot of notes "picked" out of these chords. Add on and pull off, don't just strum them. Play the lead solo again over this and fade. The lead solo is pretty easy(or appears to be) with nothing fancy. C sus4 C/D Asus4 Asus2 Em7 033010 030010 002230 002200 022030 Em barred C Am G 779987 032010 002210 355433
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