Soul Survivor – You Never Give Up On Us chords

Hey guys! I had the pleasure of going to Soul Survivor Week B this year and they 
were playing this awesome song! This is how I think it's played..

Capo 4 


G D EmYou never give up on us, you never let go or turn away, we're holding on to you,
C (D)our God is strong, our God is good
G D You’re the God of salvation, we call on your name
Em Cyou came to redeem us, carry our shame
G Dwe stumble and fall down, 
we turn from your ways,
Em C Em D
in you we find mercy, we're held in your grace, held in your grace
Verse 2: (same chords) G D EM C.. then EM D (for our God is love) You’re the God of compassion, the friend of the least not coming to be served, you served those in need we surrender our burdens, our lives at your cross we trust in the saviour, the God who is love, our God is love Hope you enjoy! (and I hope this is correct!) Have fun playing this at church, your bedroom, or wherever :D
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