Soul Survivor – The Flood chords

Soul survivor 2013. enjoy :)
No capo

Intro: Am7 Em F

Am7 C2 CHope is coming like a flood
Am7 C2 Cadd9Even in the desert it is rising up
Am7 C2 CHearts have found their home again
Am7Spirit come
Am7 C2 Cadd9It all comes down to a God of love
Am7 C2 CNever losing heart, never giving up
Am7 C2 Cadd9Put us on our feet again
G CTeach us how to dance again
Am7 C2 CThere's enough for everyone
Am7 C2 Cadd9Let the rain of heaven come
Am7 C2 CThere is love for everyone
Am7 C2 Cadd9In.the flood, flood, flood
Verse 2:
Am7 C2 CNow we're coming back to life
Am7 C2 Cadd9Freedom being born,let the dead man rise
Am7 C2 CWe are coming back to life
Am7In the flood
Am7 FIt is time to dance it is time to rise
Am7 FTime to dance in the flood
Instrumental: F Dm Am G
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