Sound Of Music – My Favorite Things tab

this is played using drop D tuning: D A D G B e

OK... i was just trying to make a cool rift on the guitar for some death metal shit when
came across this tune.  It is from the movie sound of music.  This isn't exact, but i
this version is much cooler.  If u add some palm muted D notes and some pinch harmonics, 
this could be transformed into some sweet rift for a song.

BTW, this is my first tab.. so i'll give it a try.

e --------------------------------------------------------------------------|B --------------------------------------------------------------------------|G --------------------------------------------------------------------------|D --------------------------------------------------------------------------|A -----12-12-------------------------------12-12----------------------------|D -12---------15-14-14-9-12-12-13-12----12-------15-14-14-9-12-12-13b-------|
*You don't really need a bend on that 13 at the end, but i do
e --------------------------------------------------------------------------|B --------------------------------------------------------------------------|G --------------------------------------------------------------------------|D --------------------------------------------------------------------------|A ----12-12------------9----------------------------------------------------|D -12-------15-14-14-9---15-13----12-13-15-13-15-16-17-18p17-19-------------|
i didn't want to find the cords for the part that says "when the dog bites, when the bee so this is only partial It is kinda hard playing high up on the D string, but if u could transfer this to tuning, then it would be easier to work your way up along the strings. ... Actually, i don't why anyone would want this song, if u are searching to play this song then u don't to play guitar..jk lol. Maybe someday i'll be able to tab a cool song :(
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