Southboarder – Love Of My Life tab

Song: Love of my life
Artist: South Border
Tabbed by: US-PVAC
Date: January 2006

Magpapapansin ako sa mga kakilala at friends ko kla Karen, JC, Dave, Mara, Abi, etc..
kahit saan at St.Elijah. pati sa st.Vincent foundation. Sa family ko rin, thank you..
–Michael D.

Intro: F-Am7-Gm7-C- F-Am7-Gm7-DbM7 pause
F Am7 Oh, love of my life, G#m7-Gm7 Destined fore -----ver F#M7 F I will be right here by your side.. Am No falling tears, G#m7-Gm7 When were toge----ther F#M7 (Am7) You know the joy you bring to me. Refrain: Am7 Dm7 (Never) there be no other DbM7 Ahh, we’ll share as lovers C7sus Right from the heart C/Bb A-from my mind to your soul Am7 I will give it to you girl Dm7-5 My every little thing DbM7 That I’m more than willing Bb/C C/Bb Am7 I will give to you. Chorus: D7sus D7 Forever starts from now Gm7 I promise you C7sus C/Bb Am7 Lovin’ you is all that I can do D7sus Gaug/D Gm7 F/A (For) no one can take it away from me Bb-C7sus (Intro’s 2nd line) No body but you F Am7 Oh, now is the time G#m7 Gm7 Stars will be bright F#M7 F Our bodies will groove all through the night Am7 Come take my hand G#m7-Gm7 Then we’ll fly high F#M7 Come on, baby, hear me say (Repeat refrain) (Repeat chorus except last two words) Bridge: BbM7 Am7 Gm7 There’ll be no time for sad goodbyes Em7-5 Without you here, A7 D7-9 I can’t get by DbM7 C7sus (Optional) Don’t you go away? (Adlib) 2nd verse chords (Repeat refrain) (Repeat chorus except last word) Am7 …you (Repeat chorus except last two words) Coda: C/Bb Am7 Who, only you, it’s got to be with you Dm7 Only you baby baby GM7 ‘Cause you’re my baby C7sus-C/Bb oohahh…(fade) Comments?, Questions?, Suggestions? Send me a message at: or 09205306327
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