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Southern Culture On The Skids – Drunk Lonesome Again tab

All Scots fans have to help submit tabs, these guys are awesome & I don't have much time 
type out lyrics & chords for all their albums.  Here you go


G Drunk and Lonesome again C Loosin(?) memories of friends D Drunk and Lonesome again G Back Where it all began (pause) G Did I Meet you in a bar C Did we talk about cars D I was drunk & alone G That's how you took me home (pause) G Was It all just a plan C To get your self a Maaaaannn D When you're down on your luck G You need someone to... touch (Repeat 1st verse) Solo... there is none, this is chords G Now some people are born to repeat C All the mistakes of their past D But then bad luck like her G never does seem to last But if I ever want to find another Another one just like Yoooouuuuu I know just what to do A combination of the two (Repeats 1st Verse 2x) Distribute more SCOTS TABS
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