Southern Sons - You Were There tab



e|--------------------------------------------------------------3-----------------------------------|b|--1--------1-----------1--1--------1--3--------3--------1--3-----3--1-----------1-----------3-----|g|--0-----0-----------------2-----2-----------0--------0-----------------0--------2-----------0-----| Repeat thisd|-----2--------3--2--3--------3-----------0-----------------------------------3-----3-----0-----0--| twicea|--3-----------0-----------------------------------3--------------------------3--------------------|e|--------------------------1-----------3-----------------------------------1-----------3-----------|Verse:
C Am G I guess you've heard C I guess you know C Am In time I'd have told you G C But I guess I'm too slow C Am It's overly romantic G C But I know that it's real C Am I hope you don't mind G C If I say what I feel Refrain: F G C It's like I'm in somebody else's dream F G This could not be happening to me Chorus: C Am F But you were there G C Am And you were everything I've never seen F G F G You woke me up from this long and endless sleep F I was alone G C I opened my eyes and you were there [Now use the "verse/refrain/chorus sequence" then follow it with the "bridge" chords] Bridge: G C F Can I take your smile home with me G G# A# C F G Or the magic in your hands [Then repeat the "verse/refrain/chorus sequence" again and connect it to this "I opened my eyes and no-no thingy" or "Coda" or sumthin' like that (you know what I mean dont you?)] Coda-thingy: (I don't know!) G F I opened my eyes and no C I'm not alone F No, I'm not alone G C F G C I opened my eyes and you were there *For all those tab readers, I'm already workin' on this song's tab for a more exact tone (I guess...)
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