Sovereign Grace Music – All I Have Is Christ chords

Verse 1
A D/F# G A DI once was lost in darkest night yet thought I knew the way
Em G A Asus DThe sin that promised joy and life had led me to the grave
A Bm G AsusI had no hope that you would own a rebel to your will
A Bm G AAnd if you had not loved me first I would refuse you still
Verse 2
A D/F# G A DBut as I ran my hell-bound race indifferent to the cost
Em G A Asus DYou looked upon my helpless state and led me to the cross
A Bm G AsusAnd I beheld Gods love displayed you suffered in my place
A Bm G AYou bore the wrath reserved for me now all I know is grace
G D A Bm G D A BmHallelujah all I have is Christ Hallelujah Jesus is my life
G D A Bm G D A DHallelujah all I have is Christ Hallelujah Jesus is my life
Verse 3
A D/F# G A DNow Lord I would be yours alone and live so all might see
Em G A Asus DThe strength to follow your commands could never come from me
A Bm G AsusO father use my ransomed life in any way you choose
A Bm G AAnd let my song forever be my only boast is you
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