Sparks – Sextown Usa tab

Sextown U.S.A.
Drop the goody-goody look and put on your shoes
Because I'm gonna recommend a little somethin' for you (Oh yeah)
Grab your little Lulu or your Sally or Sue
And take her out to that Metropolis without no taboos (Oh yeah)

Bb            F 
What you say, Who are you
Bb              F
Never mind just sing the tune

Bb                        D#              F
Sextown U.S.A., we can go anywhere and it becomes
Bb                        D#                F
Sextown U.S.A., we can go here or there, it all becomes
    D                  C 
The perfect place, and what a pace

Man, I've heard of Peyton Place and Pigalle too
But this is better than the others, it's American too
(Oh yeah)
No one has the time to eat a meal or to think
Because they're way too busy doin' Kama Sutra-y things
(Oh yeah)

Look around
See the sights
Go to bed
What a life

Chorus +
There's a whole lotta fish in the sea

If you try to come here and you try to abstain
They'll send you to the prison for the criminally insane (Oh yeah)
Maybe I'll just stay here for the rest of my life
Because it's better than commuting here with you every night (Oh yeah)


by: José Duarte
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