Sparks – Funny Face tab

Album: Whomp That Sucker(1981)
Tabbed By: Matt Skeefe (

Simple, but fun song. I'm pretty sure all the chords are played as power chords on 
the album version, but this is how I play it acoustically, with the electric 
guitar solo as a bonus. Pretty simple, use the basic chord fingerings. You don't 
need to change the base notes if you don't want to, and the A6 in the chorus can 
just be played as a regular A major chord without the F#.
I looked a lot like a Vogue Magazine
Perfect and smooth, they all called me a dream
G           A
Flawless and loveless, no intimacy
G       A            Bm
I only lived to be seen
G          A         D
Not to be touched, too clean


G  D/F# A/E      A6  A   Bm
Funny Face, I want a Funny Face
G  D/F# A/E      A6  A   D

Funny Face, I want a Funny Face

Billions of dollars are spent on the face
Covering, smoothing, and changing the shape
Everyone wanted a face just like mine
Nobody wanted me
Only to look like me

        Bm             E
Well, I'm ungrateful but I don't care
Bm            E
I hear comments from everywhere
Bm       D      E
Probably nothing behind the face
The face, the face, Ooohhhh

r=Release Bend

Chords are the same as the chorus

That was the day that I jumped off the bridge Trying to end it all, I barely lived Doctor Lamaar said "your face is a mess" All of the rest you can guess I got my one request (He got his one request) And I am happy, yes (And he is happy, yes) I got my one request (He got his Funny Face) And I am happy, yes A6 A And I am happy, happy, happy, happy, happy Repeat Chorus
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