Special Patrol – You Were Never Cut Out To Be The King Rip chords

Taken from 'Handy Hints from the Undertaker' (2006) - Special Patrol

I think this is correct but I'm open to corrections and suggestions. 

I think this is the riff that is played during the refrain [Rest in peace, lay 
down Georgie] and twice before the lyrics come in as an intro and as an outro.

Good luck and happy playing.

--------------------------------------------------------------------------|--------------------------------------------------------------------------|--------------------------------------------------------------------------| --------0-2---3-3-3-2-0---------------------------------------------------|--3-3-3-------------------2-2-2-3-0---2-2-2-0-----------------------------|----------------------------------------------3---------------------------|
C FThe sky had started splitting and we lost ourselves in between the drops of
G FWe were drinking; we were sitting at the bench on Third Street where as kids
G we once had played.
C FYou were talking plans if you had half a chance you'd be famous on the TV,
G FIf you got your break, well you could be great, you'd be the star of the
Gsilver screen.
C F G C GAnd you said I don't owe you nothing, that's what friends are for,
C F G C GBut I said one day I'd repay you, you count can count on me
I said you can count on it, but I was always just so damn full of shit, And now I can't held but think what might have been, If I had driven back through and taken you with me.
C F GRest in peace, lay down Georgie.
You were in my dream, we were both in the scene and you were falling from that building, I grabbed hold of your hand but it turned into sand and you kept falling in slow motion. And you told me it's so damn peaceful and you you might stay a while, And I said someday I'll repay you, you can count on me I said you can count on it, I really want to make good on all this shit, Please believe Emily and me know exactly why you had to leave. Rest in peace, lay down Georgie. You see, here's the thing, you were never cut out to be the king, Just 'cause you're born into royalty, it doesn't mean that's what you have to be. Rest in peace, lay down Georgie. [Fade Out]
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