Spinal Tap – Just Begin Again chords

[Verse 1]

G Em C GWhen the game has just been lost.
G Em C GWhen the race has all been run.
G Em CWhen the storm has left your ship a-toss
BmIgnore the cost.
CGet your stars uncrossed.
EmBack at Square One.
[Chorus 1]
D CJust begin again.
EmYou can always find a way.
D CJust begin again.
BmNo matter what they say.
C A DLife is just a wheel, if it's even real,
Bm Em DYou can rest another day.
G DLife is just a meal, and you never say when
D GJust begin again
[Verse 2]
G Em C GPeople say enough is enough.
G Em C GPeople say you can't undo what's done.
G Em CPeople say the road is just too rough.
BmWhat do they know?
CLife's just a show.
EmGo re-load your gun.
D CJust begin again.
EmMake the bastards eat their words.
[Chorus 2]
D CJust begin again.
EmLike bumblebees and hummingbirds.
C A DLife is just a dream, an unconscious stream,
Bm Em DA picture worth five hundred words.
GRise! for you are cream.
DAnd you can have the strength of ten.
Don't hope to win.
GLosing's not a sin.
Just dig in... [Outro]
D C GJust begin again.
D C GJust begin again.
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