Spirit Of The West – Political chords

  From "Labour Day"(1988)

  Use a Capo on the second fret.


e|-------------------3-2-3-------------------3-2-3-----| B|-0s3-1-0-------0-3-----1-0s3-1-0-------0-3-3-3-1-----| G|---------2-0-2---------0---------2-0-2-----0-2-0-----| D|-----------------------2-------------------0-0-2-----| A|-----------------------3------------------ 2-x-3-----| E|-------------------------------------------3-x-x-----|
| G Dsus4 Cadd9 D |
G Dsus4 I was tired of being put right down
C by myself for not being what you
thought you had found
G Dsus4 pulled hard in two directions by
C a desire to learn and my old affections
when I tried to share my world with you you could not seem to tolerate the people I had grown to love, they shrank under your scrutiny became the one's you hate Chorus:
G Dsus4 why did everything, every little thing
C every little thing with you and me
have to be so-o political
G Dsus4 everything every little thing
C every little thing with you and me
G have to to be so-o political
I feeling a little underwhelmed about hanging 'round with you and feeling overcautious every little word, every little look every little sigh,every little phrase put me deeper in your doghouse you let me out to run across your world I ran into a wall,you told me I built it, then you reel me, in ring me out, pick me up, push me out again,then repeat it Chorus Bridge:
Dsus4 Cadd9 Too busy tripping on my tongue to try and stand my ground
Dsus4 and I can still myself crying in your lap
Cadd9 asking you if you're happy with the man you had found
Harmonica Solo G-D-C-G X2 I'm grateful for what you did for me I can see things now I never would've seen and today I thought about what it could've been but could never be for you and me, Chorus Intro
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