Spirit Of The West – Crawl chords ver. 2

The Crawl
Spirit of the West

E B7 E B7Well we're good old boys; we come from the North Shore
A E B7Drinkers and carousers, the likes you've never seen
E B7 E B7And this night, by God! We'll drink 'til there is no more
A E B7 E From The Trawler to The Raven with all stops in between
E B7It all began one afternoon, on the shores of Ambleside
EWe were sitting there quite peacefully, with the rising of the tide
B7 AWhen an idea it came to mind, for to usher in the fall
B7 ESo we agreed next Friday night, we'd go out on the crawl
Chorus We planned to have a gay old time, the cash we did not spare We left all the cars at home, and paid the taxi fare I got out to Horseshoe Bay, a little after five From a table in the corner, I heard familiar voices rise Chorus Both spirits they ran high that night, old stories we did share Of the days when we were younger men, and never had a care And the beer flowed like a river, and we drank the keg near dry So we drained down all of our glasses, and we were thirsty by-and-by Chorus Park Royal Hotel, the Rusty Gull, Square Rigger and Queen's Cross We started off with eight good boys, but half had gotten lost And you'll never keep the lads together, when their eyes begin to rove And there was just the three of us that made it to Deep Cove Chorus We arrived out at The Raven, just in time for the last call The final destination of this the first annual crawl We dug deep into our pockets; there was no money to be found, hah Nine miles home and for walking we are bound Chorus
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