Spirit – 1984 chords

1984 - Spirit

notes: ab b c# eb c# b ab f#

E(low)Knockin' on your door
EbWill you let it come?
C#Will you let it run your life?
1984 Knockin' on your door Will you let it come? Will you let it run your life?
Ab ESomeone will be waiting for you at your door
C# Eb AbWhen you get home tonight
Ab EAh yes, he's gonna tell you darkness gives you much more
C# Eb AbThan you get from the light
Ab EClassic plastic guards well they're your special friend
C# Eb AbHe sees you every night
Ab EWell he calls himself the brother but you know it's no game
C# Eb AbYou're never out of his sight
Chorus It's time you started thinking inside your head That you should stand up and fight Oh just where will you be when your freedom is dead Won't you listen tonight? Those classic plastic coppers, they are your special friends They see you every night Well they call themselves protection but they know it's no game You're never out of their sight Ab A# B B A# Ab solo Ab A# B C# Ab A# B B A# A# C C# C A# Chorus x2 (raised to A#)
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