Splender – I Think God Can Explain tab

Song: I think God can explain 
Artist: Splender 
Tabbed by: Paul Dick 
Email: toad-666@cogeco.ca

This is a very thoroughly complete tab of a great song. If anyone has any
suggestions, corrections, questions etc. feel free to email me.

This song is played with a capo on the third fret.
All chords and tabs are relative to capo.

	C	D	Em	G	D/F#	Cadd9	
E	0	2	0	3	2	0		
B	1	3	0	3	3	3	
G	0	2	0	0	2	0	
D	2	0	2	0	0	0	
A	3	0	2	2	0	3	
E	X	X	0	3	2	X	

INTRO C D Em Fill 1e-----------------------------------------------------------b--3-----3---3-----3h5-3-0h1-0------------------------------g----0---------0----------------repeat----------0-----------d------0---------0-------------------------------0----------a-----------------------------------------0-2-3---3p2-0-----e-----------------------------------------------------------VERSEThere?s a lot of things, I understandC D Em
And there?s a lot of things, that I don?t wanna know. C D Em D/F# G But you?re the only face, I recognize. C D Em It?s So damn sweet of you, to look me in the eyes. C D Em D/F# G CHORUS It?s alright, I?m OK, I think God can explain C D G (fill 1) I believe I?m the same, I get carried away. C D G (fill 1) It?s alright, I?m OK, I think God can explain C D G (fill 1) I?m releived, Im relaxed, I?ll get over it yet. C D G (fill 1) VERSE 2 The scent of vaseline in the summertime. C D Em The feel of an ice cube, melting over time. C D Em D/F# G The world seems bigger, than both of us. C D Em But it seems so small, when I begin to climb. C D Em D/F# G REPEAT CHORUS
BRIDGE C Ge-----------------------------------------------------------b-----------------------------------------------------------g----0----0---0-----0---0----------repeat 4X----------------d---0---0----0-----0---0------------------------------------a--3---3----3-----------------------------------------------e-----------------3---3-------------------------------------
OUTRO (Over Original Chorus) C D Ge-----------------------------------------------------------b-----------------------------------------------------------g---7-5-4-2-2-2h4-2-0---0---------0-----------REPEAT 4X-----d---------------------0-------------0-----------------------a---------------------------0-2-3-----3p2-0-----------------e-----------------------------------------------------------
C B A B Ge------------------0----------------------------------------b----------0-------0-----0----------------------------------g--5---4---2---4---0-------0--------------------------------d--5---4---2---4---0---0-----0------------------------------a--3---2---0---2---2-----------0-0h2------------------------e------------------3----------------------------------------
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