Evil Woman tab with lyrics by Spooky Tooth - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Spooky Tooth – Evil Woman tab

Band: Spooky Tooth
Song: Evil Woman
Album: Spooky Two
Written by: Weiss
Tab by Sam (fffan41@aol.com)

Main riff: occasionaly slides are played instead of hammer-onsE|--------------|-------------------|B|--------------|-------------------|G|--------------|-------------------|D|--------1-1h3-|-------------------|A|3-3-1h3-------|3-3------1---3-2-1-|E|--------------|-----1h3---3-------|
Solo backing (organ): Cm x4then play around with a riff something like thisE|---------------|B|---------------|G|------10--8-10-|D|10-10-10--8-10-|A|10-10-8---6-8--|E|8--8-----------|
solo in C minor
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