Carol Rhodes chords with lyrics by Spoonboy - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Spoonboy – Carol Rhodes chords


D Acarol rhodes
D Aknew that she seemed
B Aas a sculpture of stone,
Gto those who
A Bgrew up living history's end.
Ashe said "if there's
D Asomething worse
D Athan not living to see
B Awhat the worth of your work is,
G A Bit's living to find no one's heard
Athat you fought for it."
G Aand carol rhodes,
D A Bwell no one ever said that it would
G Abe understood,
B Aunderstood.
G Aand history books, well they said
D A B"this is how things always looked.
G Ait's not to be shook,
Dit's not to be shook."
D Aharold arthur grew up
D A B Afighting for something that then seemed impossible:
G A Bliberation from a law.
A D Ahe said "when you're not worth as much
D A Bas the other folks riding the bus,
Gyou put up a fuss.
A Bput your life above some law."
G Aand harold's blood,
D A B G Ano one ever said that it would be understood,
G Aand carol rhodes explained
D A B A"sometimes you just do what you know that you should,
G A Deven when it don't feel good."
[Interlude] D A G A G B A D A G A G [Verse]
B Acarol rhodes, she said,
G A"history books may have said
D A Bthis is how things always looked,
G Abut things have been shook.
Bthey have been shook.
G Aand carol rhodes, she said,
D A B"if there was just one thing that could
G Abe understood:
D Ait's that we've since seen things
B A G Athat we thought then impossible."
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